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Phoenix Services LLC is an affiliate of the Apollo funds dedicated to sustainable solutions and maximizing efficiency for the global steel industry with minimal environmental impact, and always with a personal touch.

Slag Processing & Marketing

Our processing plants use advanced metallic recovery to retrieve virtually all residual metallics from the slag, producing a quality, high-value aggregate product to meet market specifications. The processing plant includes the latest technology in screen design to cleanly separate the slag and scrap into different sized fractions depending on market demand. Our large, dedicated sales team performs extensive market research and continuously develops new outlets and uses for the slag products.


Briquetting converts individual by-products with high Fe content (slag, dust, slurries, and oxide scales) into a homogenized mix. The resultant mix is fed through a hydraulic roll press where the compaction creates a briquette that can be re-introduced to the iron and steel making facilities. We also use various by-products such as BOF sludge, BOF slag, ladle slag, mill scales, lime, and dusts to create a homogenous mix that can be added to the sinter plant process, improving productivity, creating less variability in the sintering process, improving sustainability, and reducing environmental impact.

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Mixing Plant Services

Using our innovative equipment to combine iron ore fines without other materials creates a mixture easily used in sinter plants. The process allows for the use of steelmaking by-products and materials that are generally too fine for use in the blast furnace.

Coal / Coke Stockpiling & Handling

From loading/unloading, to transport, to general upkeep, we handle coal/coke for use in the blast furnace.

Iron Ore Handling

We handle iron ore to be used in a blast furnace or sinter plant. This ranges from loading/unloading, to transport, to general upkeep.

Slag Granulation

We process, granulate, and dewater blast furnace slag for use as a value-added aggregate. This is largely used in cement production.

Slag Grinding

We process granulated blast furnace slag for further value-added final product. This is also used in cement production.

Mill Scale Processing & Marketing

We collect, transport, and process mill scale to create a sellable product on the outside market. We can then market the mill scale at our customer’s request.

Refractory Brick Crushing & Bagging

Depending on the brick type, we provide and operate specialized equipment to crush spent refractory brick that can then be super sacked for reuse. This is a service that reduces the amount of materials sent to the landfill as well as the amount of additives purchased on the outside market, which both helps the environment and reduces customer costs.

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