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Phoenix Services LLC is an affiliate of the Apollo funds dedicated to sustainable solutions and maximizing efficiency for the global steel industry with minimal environmental impact, and always with a personal touch.

Road & Yard Watering

We offer a water truck for dust control and housekeeping of in-plant roads and yards. If necessary, an additional dust suppressant is added to the water to further reduce roadway emissions. 

Road & Yard Grading

We use a grader to keep roads and yards in good operating condition, ensuring safe transportation and reducing equipment wear and tear.

Sweeper Truck Services

We provide a sweeper truck to perform housekeeping of in-plant paved roads. This reduces roadway emissions by removing dust, dirt, and more—ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations.

Vacuum Truck Services

Our vacuum truck services clean materials generated by our customers. Our vacuum trucks are capable of removing various materials including solids, powders, liquids, sludges and virtually all other generated materials.

By-Product Bagging

From AOD dust to lime, we provide the labor and equipment necessary to bag bi-products generated by our customers for internal use. This avoids landfill costs and reduces material needed to be purchased on the outside market.

Equipment Rental

Any Phoenix Services on-site equipment which is not being used to perform other critical services is available, fully operated and maintained, on an hourly rental basis to perform additional services outside the main scope of work. In the event that more assets are required, we will study the economic feasibility to provide the equipment. This provides access to mobile equipment that otherwise would have to be sourced from outside third parties—resulting in high mobilization and short term rental fees to use.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance is an investment which is why we offer experienced mechanics, welders, electricians, and a full array of well-trained technicians to perform both needed and preventative maintenance on your equipment in a timely manner.

Packaging Services

We provide a full range of packaging services for our customer’s finished products.  From the use of hand scanners, automated packaging machines and other innovative technology we are able to perform high quality packaging services ensuring our customer’s specifications are met every time.

Scarfing & Grinding

At Phoenix we also offer a full suite of scarfing and grinding operations including necessary labor and state-of-the-art equipment required for robotic scarfing and grinding of carbon and stainless slabs. Phoenix scarfing and grinding operations are designed to minimize yield loss while removing defects and improving surface quality.

Drone Surveying

Utilizing certified and insured drone pilots as well as proprietary software to take advantage of drone technology allowing for safe, quick, and accurate surveying of material inventories. With just one site visit, we can accurately inventory scrap, slag, mill scale, and other commodities, allowing our customers to better understand quantities and values they have on the ground at any given time. This 3D imaging and measuring software improves sustainability, efficiency, and transparency by providing precise, real-time reporting of inventory levels on-site.