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Phoenix Services LLC is an affiliate of the Apollo funds dedicated to sustainable solutions and maximizing efficiency for the global steel industry with minimal environmental impact, and always with a personal touch.

Scrap Reception

We receive, weigh, and direct incoming scrap trucks and railcars—as well as all outgoing trucks—to obtain tare and gross weights for accurate tracking of all products. Regular certification of truck and rail scales further guarantees accuracy and efficiency.

Scrap Inspection

To ensure compliance with mill standards, Phoenix personnel are trained to inspect scrap either visually or using a Spectrometer (for quick and accurate chemistry analysis). Focused on the higest standards, suspect shipments that don’t meet our standards are flagged or turned away.

Scrap Yard Management

We use inventory management for optimal use and storage of commodities. Scrap yards are strategically designed for operational efficiency and real-time tracking allows our customers to always know how much scrap is available by commodity. From specialized scrap loaders to mobile material handlers and electric equilibrium cranes, we utilize equipment that best suits the needs of our customers to ensure an efficient, low cost operation. Scrap piles are zeroed on a regular basis to ensure accurate inventory.

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Rail & Barge Unloading

We specialize in receiving and unloading scrap from railcars and barges. Scrap can be unloaded directly into scrap piles or into trucks and other forms of transport for delivery to a secondary location. Railcars and barges are cleaned according to customer specifications.

Charge Box & Bucket Loading

We not only load scrap, alloys, fluxes, and other materials into charge boxes and buckets for the steel mill, we also ensure accurate recipes and high melt quality by measuring real time weight with our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise layering.

Charge Box & Bucket Transport

We offer various options for transportation, from large box and bucket carriers to more cost-effective tractor-trailers depending on overall size and weight. This process optimizes layering of charge materials and allows our customer to be be ahead of consumption with the next box/bucket already loaded and available, eliminating any potential for Melt Shop delays.

Scrap Transport

We transport scrap in the safest and most efficient way possible based on facility layout and requirements, including scrap that was just received, in addition to secondary transport of scrap between yards, bays, and in-ground charge boxes and buckets.

Revert Scrap Collection

We collect, transport, and process revert or home scrap generated around the steel mill with no wasted movement by using the latest and best equipment, including lugger boxes, roll-off boxes, off-highway trucks, and more.